LHS VS Ellison

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August 2016
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iHSFAN with Coach Smith
One Game at a Time
Bring it!
Author: Rocky LongGubitz
The Varsity will start at 9AM.  Tentatively the 1st and 2nd teams will go 2 rounds and then a live quarter with a running clock.   The JV and Freshman will follow the Varsity scrimmage.  Depending on the number of players and teams bo
ANNOUNCEMENT: Freshman Practice - August 8-12
Author: Patricia Hensley
FRESHMAN!!!! Listen up! August 8-12th 8 am report 830- 10:15 practice Monday thru Friday. Saturday scrimmage TBA Following week be ready for practice times to change.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Player Package
Author: Rocky LongGubitz
LIONNATION!!! Player Package payment is up and available if you prefer to pay in this method.  The "Player Package" tab is on the left and simply click on the tab and it will direct you directly to the payment screen.  Please con
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  • Coldwell Banker
  • Live Oak Family Dental Care
  • Crystal Falls Animal Hospital
  • Heritage Co.
  • Holman Services
  • Orthopedic Associates
  • NW Austin Simply Fit
  • Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
  • Family First Healthcare
  • Luigi's Catering
  • Leander Hair & Nails
  • Platos Closet
  • Randy Hoff - Lexus of Austin
  • Double Daves
  • Bush's Chicken
  • Connect Fit Solutions
  • Mike Nichols
  • Bush's Chicken
  • Bahama Bucks
  • Sendero Events Center
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